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I just had a dream in which Neil Burnside and Tintin stumbled across each other when they were infiltrating a secret Russian base. Naturally Neil tried to persuade Tintin to blow up the master computer- and himself with it, because the only way to get to it was suicide bombing. (For those of you who are concerned for the lad, Tintin was initially talked into the plan but balked when it came to the moment of truth. A sulking Neil extricated them both safely from the base, and the KGB got to keep their computer. KGB - 1, SIS - 0, just like a real Sandbaggers episode. There was also a random side plot involving Wellingham and Jacob Rees-Mogg sitting around Wellingham's club complaining about Americans, which was the best part of the dream- also like a real Sandbaggers episode.)

I'm unsure of the logistics that placed Neil in an active theatre and Tintin in 1980, but I can't deny that if the situation ever occurred this is exactly how Neil would have handled it.

Oh Neil. I'd forgotten the extent to which we are, as the saying goes, refreshed and and challenged by your unique point of view. I was waffling on whether to ask for Sandbaggers for Yuletide but I think I may have to go for it, because Neil's well-intentioned extremism really is like no other. Also, Wellingham.
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