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That awkward moment when you realize you want Birgitte/Höxy D/s fic. It's entirely his fault; he begs for his political life so prettily, and he needs to be smacked so hard.

See? See? Totally a thing! Or maybe I've just been rereading this too often and corporal punishment has become my default solution for the problem of erring ministers. I'm not sure the Danes go in for it much, but I bet Birgitte could come up with some way of disciplining him.

(Seriously though I think that whole ugly denouement could have been averted if she'd simultaneously been much more severe and a bit nicer to him. He did something idiotic because he panicked, and she could see he was panicking but she just told him to pull himself together instead of making a real effort to calm him down. She should have read him the riot act on exactly how many tanks she would drive over the crushed, bleeding corpse of his political career if he didn't go quietly like a good boy, and then very explicitly promised him another ministry if he behaved himself and lay low for a while. He was ready to submit if only she'd been willing to take control- credits!Machiavelli would be so disappoint.)


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